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A New Jersey native, God has blessed Morelli with more than 30 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry (Music & Film) and Commercial Real Estate industry (Development & Related Services). 
Patrick Morelli started his career in the commercial real estate services industry at an early age. In 1982, he was hired as to manage for a company that was contracted by the country’s largest department store chains, such as JCPenny, G Fox, Macys etc, with 37 branch locations internationally before moving to Florida after accepting a position with an Atlanta based national commercial real estate services company. As Regional Vice President of Florida in the early 1990’s. In 1998 and with a partner, Patrick founded his own commercial real estate company that became national in three years with $15 Million in annual revenues by its tenth year. 
Internationally, Morelli served as CEO of TMC-Korea Developments, LLC, a partnership with The President and Vice President of the American International Korean Association, A Real Estate Development and Entertainment Production Investment Capital Management Company. With offices in the US and in Seoul Korea, TMC–Korea provided Real Estate and Entertainment investment and development opportunities for Foreign Investor groups from Korea, Japan and China developing partnerships with DaeWoo Corporation, A Korea conglomerate company with more than 20 years experience in domestic investments with The Trump Organization and other well known American companies, DaeSeung Corporation, A Korea investment group specializing in foreign investments, Hanwha Group, A leading construction company in Korea with years of experience in investing in American Real Estate Development projects and Global Resource Network, Inc, A Korea based real estate investment fund providing domestic investment opportunities for their domestic investors/investor groups.
Patrick Morelli started his New York and Florida large scale Real Estate Development career with Korean and American partners in 2004. After forming a partnership with a lead New York real estate broker of the Trump Organization, a former Trump development partner and formed an investor partnership with DaeWoo and several other Asian investor groups, having $2.8 Billion in projects collectively. The MORELLI Real Estate development team is comprised of New York and Florida’s top real estate executives from companies such as The Trump Organization and The Helmsley Group with over 30 years of development experience collectively.
Morelli is a member of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) serving as State Chairman of the Business Advisory Council and appointed to Presidential Business Commission. Morelli is also a recipient of various recognitions awards throughout the US & Asia for his political and business partnership accomplishments and proudly a member of Real Estate Lives, a Tampa organization created to rebuild the professional lives of real estate professionals.
As president and CEO of The Morelli Corporation, God has given Morelli the opportunity to serve as Chief Executive Officer for a number of subsidiary companies with twenty seven offices in several US states ranging from Nevada to New York, and an office in Seoul Korea, Asia. Founded in 1989, The Morelli Corporation is responsible for managing, development, program supervision and the overall performance of its Music Entertainment, Film & Motion Picture Entertainment, Commercial Real Estate Development and Commercial Real Estate Service related subsidiaries, facilitating his US and Korean political appointment responsibility to employ and engage business with Legal Korean Immigrants and Investors.
Morelli has more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry both on stage and behind the scenes. From music to motion picture, from development to promotion, from New York to Hollywood, Morelli has worked and partnered with some of the most prominent names in the industry and serves as president and CEO of his production company. With a Florida based music and video production facility, the company facilitates with foreign investment investor groups, to provide Entertainment production investment and development opportunities for Korea, Japan and China Investor Groups. Morelli played a major role in the production of the Korean War 50th Anniversary Celebration, responsible for providing and coordinating Korean Entertainers and political leaders from Korea to perform at convention centers around the US.
All of Morelli's past and future accomplishments made possible by God ... All in God's name and for His Glory!